WESTON-SUPER-MARE CIRCLE and HOW TO JOIN..........................

Formed in 1961 covers the whole of the Weston-Super-Mare Deanery area. Meetings, for members only, are held on the first Tuesday of the month. All members are expected to attend as many of the monthly meetings as they can. Most members are involved actively in their own parishes and diocese, many have been called upon in the past by their parish priests and bishop to provide expert help and advice. While not committed to the type of large scale charitable fund raising associated with other organisations, the Circle supports its President's chosen charity for the year and the Association's Benevolent Fund and Bursary Fund.  Part of Province 12 consists of 14 circles from Swansea to Swindon, Hereford to Weston-Super Mare. There is inter-Circle visiting mostly within our Province 12. A member of the Association may attend the meetings of any other Circle in the Association, which is useful particularly for those who travel a great deal. The Catenian Association gives you the opportunity to widen and deepen your understanding of the Catholic Faith and increase range of your Catholic friends. Monthly Circle Meetings at the Cadbury House Hotel on the first Tuesday are followed by a two course meal. Also, there may be talks, a Restaurant Visit, a Debate, a Games Evening, a Quiz, a Music Evening, an Open Evening etc..
Annual events include:
Mass for Vocations, Mass for Deceased Brothers followed by a meal with widows of past members, Presidents Sunday (Mass followed by a Buffet Lunch), each Christmas we have a ‘Carols and Mince Pies Evening’ in one of our member’s homes, Installation of new Circle Officers and Installation Dinner in April, Circle AGM in May, Clergy Dinner. In the past the circle has held other events for example: a Safari Supper, an Italian (or other theme) Evening, an American Supper, Wine and Cheese Tasting, or a Barbecue at a members home. We have a monthly Pub Lunch (most months).  Wives and families are invited to many after Circle functions and other events. The wives of deceased members are visited regularly and also invited to social functions. We have visits to gardens and stately homes, trips on steam trains, river/canal trips, a Circle Weekend away at a hotel, etc. We have an annual Skittles Match or Pub Night with our neighbouring Circles - West Somerset Circle and Bristol .
Association and Provincial events include:
Association's Annual Conference Weekend, Provincial President’s Sunday, Provincial Weekend, a Provincial Quiz, a Provincial Games Night and a Provincial 'Big Break' Competition.

How you can join the Association..........
Membership is by invitation. Prospective Members are introduced to a Circle either by an existing member or by enquiring of a local Circle about membership. There are notices in many churches, or details of a contact can be found usually in the Diocesan Directory. An invitation is extended to attend after Circle meetings and other social functions. Their ladies are often invited to these events. During a 3 or 4 month period the prospective member and circle members have the opportunity to get to know each other. He can then decide if he wants to make a long-term commitment and join. If an invitation is offered and accepted, the prospective member completes an application form with members of the Circle's membership committee. The application is then considered by Head Office and the Circle Council. If accepted, the prospective member is invited to attend a Circle meeting as an observer, and then he can be enrolled at the next convenient Circle meeting according to rule. It may take 6 months to join the Association from the first introduction, but this is a relatively short period for anyone who is making what is hoped will be a lifetime commitment.
How Much does it cost?
Details of the cost of membership will be explained by either the Circle's membership officer or sponsor (the member introducing a prospective member). Currently the Circle's subscription is £87.00 pa. In general terms the annual subscription is made up of two parts -
a) A capitation fee covers the costs of running the Association, a contribution to the Benevolent Fund, the cost of the monthly CATENA magazine ( The publication of the Catenian Association). This fee is proposed by Head Office and subject to the approval of the Association as a whole.
b) A Circle fee which covers the annual running expenses of the local Circle. This fee is decided annually by each Circle.
There is an enrolment fee for new members.
Each social event is paid for separately by those committing themselves to attend.

APRIL 2009